Find out why everyone from Coca-Cola to major news networks are talking about Matt’s trip around the world. Contact the Limitless Horizons team to learn more, and thrill your next audience with a presentation of his story as he teaches them to do the impossible.

  • Limitless Horizons: Challenge. Believe. Succeed.
    • Hear from the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world, learn what led to the journey in the first place, what he experienced along the way, and most critically, the immense challenges in even getting it off the ground. Find out how Matt combined effective teamwork, leadership, and decision-making to identify and mitigate risk, assemble the project, and dampen bumps that arose along the way to complete the mission. Finally, learn from the five lessons that put him in the air and are shaping what’s next.
      • You Don’t Have to Be Old to Tackle Huge Endeavors
      • Only Do Things That Are Remarkable
      • Nothing is Too Hard
      • Teamwork is Critical
      • Give Back
    • Discuss breaking problems into manageable pieces, leadership and teamwork, or decision making and risk management.
  • Technical Challenges of a Solo Flight Around the World
    • Is your audience a group of pilots and aviation buffs? Then hear more about the extensive logistics and painstaking detail that such a flight entails.

Past audiences include:


  • Merrill Lynch
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • EAA AirVenture
  • Flying Clubs & Associations
  • Numerous Business Conventions
  • Social Clubs
  • Primary & secondary schools around the country
  • Major Universities
  • Many more!

Matt may have completed his flight around the globe, but there are still opportunities to be a part of the voyage. Matt is touring the country, speaking about his flight and the extraordinary journey it took just to get off the ground. In addition, the plane he flew is a centerpiece of many of these events, along with airshows and other aviation gatherings, providing an excellent advertising opportunity. As a sponsor of Limitless Horizons™, a non-profit, charitable, fundraising mission, you have the chance to join Matt on his great adventure and let him share your brand globally. Contact us to learn more about making Matt’s incredible story part of your next event.

Matt has set a Guiness World RecordTM and provided substantial aid to his chosen charity, Code.org. Through a professionally crafted, widespread traditional and social media campaign, he has already reached a total circulation of half a billion with over 1.5 billion impressions. You have the chance to make your brand part of a story that is sure to inspire millions, many of them in the highly sought-after Millennials generation.

“I want to inspire other people to do great things, and I believe computer science is the most powerful tool for enabling people’s dreams,” says Matt. “Code.org is helping to ensure that opportunity is available to everyone. The round-the-world goal of this flight is a great fit with education, as no matter where you are in the world, education opens doors and helps transform dreams into reality. Often the greatest challenge is simply believing a dream is possible in the first place.”