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By December 2013, I had managed to get a handle on most of the logistical hurdles, largely thanks to the generous support and advice of all sorts of people — most of them total strangers — including previous and current record-holders Jack Wiegand and Ryan Campbell, respectively. Despite months of phone calls, though, I still had no plane and was beginning to get a bit anxious with only six months until I wanted to depart…

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A Whole New World

Ten months ago I decided I wanted to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. But I still needed to figure out how exactly to do that.

I figured finding a plane to use and figuring out what arrangements needed to be made might be a good place to start. I knew the flight school I rented from definitely wouldn’t just let me take off in one of their planes and head out over the ocean for a month or two, so I started looking for something to buy. Despite considering everything from the tiniest, cheapest planes to things that most people didn’t think an 18- or 19-year-old had any business flying — which frankly made me especially want to take one of those — neither of my parents were terribly keen on buying an airplane when I didn’t even have my own car, and airplanes available to lease (apart from a 737) can be difficult to come by. So I switched my focus to the logistics and regulations…

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A little over a year ago, I wondered how difficult it might be for me to rent an airplane to fly around Europe in the event I ever found myself vacationing across the pond. I quickly discovered that I would need a European pilot certificate unless I was flying a plane registered in the United States, which would be difficult to find in Europe.

Instead I turned my attention to the possibility of simply crossing the ocean myself in a small airplane…

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